About Me

Geboren 1964, Ausbildung zur Fotofachfrau, Weiterbildung für Farbdesign an der Schweizerischen Textilfachschule St. Gallen.

My perception of the inner and outer world is fundamental to my artistic, pictorial work. Driven by never-ending curiosity to create ever changing, colourful pictural worlds, the canvas is presented in various positions and worked from all sides in many overlapping layers – sometimes in gestural brush strokes or composed as big planes. The becoming forms, planes and structures point to the organic or amorphous. The resulting pictural space is a personal one, foregone by a long and intensive work process. As naming my works would profoundly limit me and the viewer, I am consciously choosing not to. This approach is challenging me time and again, fuelled by critical reflexion.

Andrea Rozorea, lecturer Freie Kunst Akademie Augsburg und Angelika Sieger, lecturer Kunstakademie Eigenart Bad Heilbrunn are both impulse transmitters and competent companions for my artistic work.